Chaldeans and Armenians are Standing Together in Solidarity of our people

Chaldean Heritage Foundation (CHF) board members attended the Armenian and Chaldean Genocide event in Michigan. The Armenian National Committee of Michigan (ANC-MI) welcomed all Chaldeans and recognized our Chaldean people, natives of Mesopotamia Iraq.

Lara Nercessian, ANC-MI welcomed the Chaldean Heritage Foundation members to the Armenian and Chaldean Genocide 102nd Anniversary of 1915. Chaldeans and Armenians lost more than 1.5 million innocent people in Turkey during the Armenian and Chaldean Genocide of 1915 to 1923.

Klint Kesto, Michigan House of Representative along with several members of the Armenian political representatives in Armenia and Turkey. Chaldean Heritage member attended this important annual event. Tom Alkatib, President, BIll Hakim, CHF Director and Raed Mary, CHF Director.

Chaldeans and Armenians are in Solidarity to defent our peaceful people against all injustice! …

The Armenian National Committee leadership team accepted the Chaldean flag as a gift from the Chaldean people. Chaldean Heritage Foundation will continue to support the Armenian and Chaldean Genocide of 1915 to bring awareness and reality behind the suffering of the Armenian and Chaldean people.

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