Chaldean Heritage Month – San Diego County Board of Supervisors Proclaims Chaldean Heritage Month

San Diego, California – November 2023

In a landmark event held yesterday at the San Diego County Board of Supervisors, the rich and vibrant cultural heritage of the Chaldean community took center stage as the Board officially proclaimed the month of September as Chaldean Heritage Month. The proclamation ceremony, attended by American and Chaldean community leaders, residents, and elected officials, marked a significant step in recognizing and celebrating the contributions of San Diego County’s Chaldean community. Chaldean Heritage Foundation founder, Tom Alkatib and staff members also attended this important event.

Celebrating a Rich Cultural Legacy of the Chaldean People:

Chaldeans, an ethnic people originating from Mesopotamia, have a deep-rooted history spanning thousands of years. San Diego County, home to a thriving Chaldean American community, acknowledged the importance of preserving and honoring this heritage. The proclamation recognizes the Chaldean people’s resilience, cultural diversity, and their significant impact on the local community.

Supervisor Joel Andersen, who spearheaded the proclamation, emphasized the importance of cultural diversity in shaping the county’s identity. “San Diego County thrives on its diversity, and the Chaldean community has been an integral part of our cultural tapestry,” stated Supervisor Joel Andersen. “By proclaiming November as Chaldean Heritage Month, we celebrate their contributions to our society, economy, and cultural heritage.”

CHALDEAN HERITAGE Proclamation – San Diego 2023

Embracing Diversity and Unity of Chaldeans with America:

Chaldean Heritage Month will be marked by a series of events throughout November, aiming to promote understanding, appreciation, and unity among the diverse communities in San Diego County. Cultural exhibitions, art displays, culinary events, and educational seminars are planned to showcase the Chaldean culture, traditions, and history.

Local Chaldean community leader Dr. Noori Barka gratitude for the recognition. “We are deeply honored by this proclamation, which acknowledges our heritage and the positive impact Chaldeans have had on San Diego County,” said Dr. Barka. “Through various events this month, we look forward to sharing our traditions and fostering stronger bonds with our fellow residents.”

Chaldean American Leaders in Attendance of the Chaldean Heritage Month Celebration – San Diego County Supervisors Building

Moving Forward Together:

The proclamation of Chaldean Heritage Month serves as a reminder of San Diego County’s commitment to inclusivity and cultural preservation. By recognizing and embracing the diversity within the community, the county aims to strengthen the sense of unity among its residents.

As the month-long celebration unfolds, residents are encouraged to participate in the various activities planned throughout November, fostering a deeper understanding of the Chaldean heritage and promoting the values of acceptance and unity that make San Diego County a vibrant and harmonious place to live.

For more information about Chaldean Heritage Month events and activities, please visit the official San Diego County website or contact the local community organizations involved in the celebration.


San Diego County Board of Supervisors

Chaldean community leader, Dr. Noori Barka

Chaldean Heritage Foundation

Chaldean Americans and San Diego County Supervisor, Joel Andersen

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