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Helping the Chaldean people preserve their native language, History and Culture

We are a US-based nonprofit organization empowering Chaldean communities to preserve their native Mesopotamian heritage for future generations made vulnerable by the on going destruction of their native land of Mesopotamia. Our proposed projects help the Chaldeans to survive through difficult times and allow them to carry on their heritage through an organized and educational master plan.

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Latest Causes

Chaldean Digital History Project

“There is a certain urgency about gathering the memories and putting them down to show what was a lively and very deep, very intricate community with a 2,000-year history,” Dr. Robin Young said. “There’s a tremendous amount of labor and creativity and beauty in that tradition, which, if it isn’t recorded, will just be lost.”

Chaldean Curriculum Project

Chaldean Heritage Foundation is partnering with St. Fabian Elementary School and several other schools to support the Chaldean community for teach the Chaldean (Neo-Aramaic) language. St. Fabian Elementary will offer an after-school Chaldean language course available to all students.

Chaldean Library Project

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Language, Education, Preservation

Give a helping hand to those who need it. Volunteers do not
necessarily have the time, they just have the heart.


Assist with teaching Chaldean language and history

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Promote Chaldean heritage and culture. Share with a local community

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Support a global preservation project for the Chaldean people archives

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